Just a quick update today as its quite late here. I made some good progress today after a slow start in the morning where I learnt how not to do things. I've just about got arrays of arrays constructors working now although I want to tidy up the code before pushing it to github. With this change 57/76 of the compile tests now pass on my Mesa branch.


Plans for tomorrow:


Tomorrow I hope to get the remaining failing tests to pass. I've also got a few more constructor tests that I developed today while working on the Mesa changes that I want to tidy up and get ready for a second batch of tests to send to the piglit list. Hopefully I can get all that out of the was early so I can finally focus on creating some execution tests and then start working on getting my extension changes to actually run some arrays of arrays code.


As always feel free to leave any comments, questions, etc in the comments section below.