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Arrays of Arrays Update and Where to ...

Arrays of Arrays Update and Where to from here?

It's hard to believe that in a few months it will be 2 years since I launched my last Mesa crowd funding campaign. I must once again apologize for the lack of updates things have been progressing and I've been hoping for a while now that I could just send out an update announcing the […]

How You Can Help Reduce CPU Usage in ...

How You Can Help Reduce CPU Usage in Mesa

Finding places where CPU use in Mesa can be improved is a great place to start contributing to Mesa. It doesn't require you to know much about how Mesa works to get started, but at the same time you will quickly learn how things fit together as you follow the output from profiling applications. Also […]

Three interesting (possibly useful) M...

Three interesting (possibly useful) Mesa related project ideas

I've decided to write a post about some project ideas I've had lately but likely will never have the time to dedicate to. I'm hoping someone else, possibly you 🙂 might find these interesting to work on. Feel free to let me know in the comments section if you decide to have a go at […]

Introduction to Mesa's GLSL compiler ...

Introduction to Mesa's GLSL compiler and ARB_arrays_of_arrays status update

I thought since its been a while I would provide an update on my ARB_arrays_of_arrays work and while I'm at it would give a bit of an overview of the Mesa GLSL compiler with some other interesting bits and pieces thrown in.   Since my last update the first part of my ARB_arrays_of_arrays support has […]

Day 10 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_...

Day 10 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

First of all this update is a few days overdue, I spent all of day 10 working on coding and since then I have been travelling the last couple of days so I haven't got around to doing an update until now, sorry for the inconvenience. Day10 went well I managed to tidy up my […]

Day 9 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 9 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

I know I said yesterday that I was only going to be working on the execution tests today and tomorrow but I couldn't help myself and wanted to see what happened if I ran them on my code. Anyway long story short when looking into what was being produced by my Mesa work I started […]

Day 8 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 8 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

Hi all, I have a few pieces of news today. First of all my latest Mesa branch is passing all the compile tests (aside from the 3 tests I talked about yesterday). So now that its passing these tests I've requested some feedback from the Mesa guys just to make sure I'm on the right […]

Day 7 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 7 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

Today I finally got most of the tricky initializer code parsing. This means code like the following now passes the compile stage: void main() { vec4[2] a[4] = { { vec4(1.0), // a[0][0] vec4(1.0) // a[0][1] }, { vec4(1.0), // a[1][0] vec4(1.0) // a[1][1] }, { vec4(1.0), // a[2][0] vec4(1.0) // a[2][1] }, { vec4(1.0), […]

Day 6 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 6 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

A little while back I subscribed to the Libre Office developer mailing list when I was considering working on an important enhancement ($110 reward on offer if anyone's looking for a coding project , I've also written about my findings on where to start here) anyway back to my point. I get the mail in […]

Day 5 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 5 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

ok, my lesson from today is that I should stop speculating about what I will get done each day. However I'm really happy with the progress I've made today I uncovered and squashed a number of bugs and wrote some more piglit tests, I'm now up to a total of 89 tests and I've only […]

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You can use Flattr to help support my Mesa development work. I'm currently hoping to buy a laptop with Nvidia graphics so I have a good reference driver to test against.