A little while back I subscribed to the Libre Office developer mailing list when I was considering working on an important enhancement ($110 reward on offer if anyone's looking for a coding project , I've also written about my findings on where to start here) anyway back to my point. I get the mail in digest form so I usually just opened them have a second or two scan of the subject lines to see if there is anything I'm interested in the delete them. But this morning something caught my eye basically a developer is implementing OpenGL acceleration into Libre Office but is running into some issues because old but still in supported versions of Linux e.g RedHat 5 only support OpenGL 1.x “Sadly Mesa is quite far behind the OpenGL specification (Mesa 10 just supports 3.3 and our RHEL 5 baseline is still in OpenGL 1.x)”


I find this really interesting because when I do my campaigns many people comment saying “do any applications actually use the 4.x extensions yet?”. But as you can see its important for Mesa to be up to date not just for the here and now applications but also so that LTS/Enterprise editions of Linux don't hold back applications developers in future.


Anyway back to my project. First of all sorry for no update yesterday I just didn't get around to it so it will be double posts today one now (in the morning) and one later on today. After day 6 there is 88/94 compile tests passing compared to 82/89 on day 5 and I'm pretty happy now with the coverage of the compile tests so I don't think I will need to write many more.

I hope to at least get to 91/94 passing today at which stage I will feel happy moving onto the execution tests.

Also I'd like to say a quick thanks to Benjamin for running the latest batch of test on the Nvidia binary drivers.