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Day 10 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

First of all this update is a few days overdue, I spent all of day 10 working on coding and since then I have been travelling the last couple of days so I haven't got around to doing an update until now, sorry for the inconvenience.
Day10 went well I managed to tidy up my Mesa patch series and send off a first attempt at implementing ARB_arrays_of_arrays [1], this first series allows code to be compiled and run when linking is not needed between shaders. I will continue working on the linking code and will provide an update once a second series is ready to finish off the arrays of arrays Mesa implementation.

As for the piglit tests I have submitted a large number of compile tests for review, I've got a few execution tests in progress and I have a few geometry shader tests still to write.
All in all I'm very happy with the progress I've made over the past two weeks and I'd like to thank you all again for the opportunity to work on Mesa as an independent developer.



  1. Zac's Gravatar Zac
    January 20, 2014    

    Thanks for all the hard work. :)

    • Benjamin's Gravatar Benjamin
      January 20, 2014    


      • timothyja's Gravatar timothyja
        January 23, 2014    

        No problem. Thanks for backing me :)

  2. Gabriel's Gravatar Gabriel
    January 20, 2014    

    Thanks for the great work Tim. Looking forward to the next crowd funding campaign (hope there is one). :)

    Oh...and happy birthday...for a few days back. :)

    • timothyja's Gravatar timothyja
      January 23, 2014    

      Thanks. Not sure if or when there will be another campaign, need to finish off the outstanding work from this one first. But will let everyone know if I do decide to do one.

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