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Open Source Crowdfunding Poll

Open Source Crowdfunding Poll

I was going to write a post today about how to get started contributing to the piglit project, but since it's Friday I though I'd have some fun instead and what's more fun than a good old fashion web poll. For those that don't know I have run two crowd funding campaigns recently to help […]

Independent Mesa Developer Alternativ...

Independent Mesa Developer Alternative Funding Model

For those that haven't been following my work I have recently ran two crowd funding campaigns to enable me to work full time as an independent developer improving the Linux OpenGL drivers. My second campaign was funded in just 24 hours and I'm incredibly¬†grateful to all the people that donated their hard earned cash to […]

Introduction to Scripting GUI with Si...

Introduction to Scripting GUI with Sikuli (GUI Automation)

I came across a tools a few weeks ago the has the potential to eliminate all those annoying repetitive tasks. An even more exciting prospect is that it proves a way to replicate setting up development environments across developer workstations. No more setup instructions that never get updated, Sikuli is so easy to use even non developers are using it to automate GUI interactions.