Working smarter not harder

Day 5 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 5 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

ok, my lesson from today is that I should stop speculating about what I will get done each day. However I'm really happy with the progress I've made today I uncovered and squashed a number of bugs and wrote some more piglit tests, I'm now up to a total of 89 tests and I've only […]

Day 4 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 4 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

Hi all. I'm going to keep my update quick again today as I've been working quite late again and really need to get some sleep. I didn't get quite as far as I had hoped today but I'm still happy with the progress I made. Currently I have 75/83 compile tests passing on my Mesa […]

Day 3 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 3 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

Just a quick update today as its quite late here. I made some good progress today after a slow start in the morning where I learnt how not to do things. I've just about got arrays of arrays constructors working now although I want to tidy up the code before pushing it to github. With […]

Day 2 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 2 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

First of all I would like to say a big thanks to Emanuel and Nicolas for testing yesterdays tests on Nvidia hardware it helped me spot and fix up a number of issues that the AMD drivers weren't as strict about. ¬† I've submitted this first batch of tests to the piglit mailing list and […]

Day 1 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_o...

Day 1 - Mesa development ARB_arrays_of_arrays

Day 1 is over and I've made some good progress on the piglit tests. I have a large number of compile tests done 77 to be exact although a number of them are just slight variations on each other so don't expect me to me to continue at this rate. To give a quick explanation […]

Open Source Crowdfunding Poll

Open Source Crowdfunding Poll

I was going to write a post today about how to get started contributing to the piglit project, but since it's Friday I though I'd have some fun instead and what's more fun than a good old fashion web poll. For those that don't know I have run two crowd funding campaigns recently to help […]

Independent Mesa Developer Alternativ...

Independent Mesa Developer Alternative Funding Model

For those that haven't been following my work I have recently ran two crowd funding campaigns to enable me to work full time as an independent developer improving the Linux OpenGL drivers. My second campaign was funded in just 24 hours and I'm incredibly¬†grateful to all the people that donated their hard earned cash to […]

How to start contributing to Mesa3D

How to start contributing to Mesa3D

While running my crowd funding campaigns: Improve OpenGL support for the Linux graphics drivers. One common question I'm asked is "How can I start contributing to Mesa?". So I've decided to write a post with some information to get any budding Mesa developer on their way to contributing their first patch. If you really want […]

Mesa Crowd Funding Survey Feedback

Mesa Crowd Funding Survey Feedback

Follow my successful crowd funding campaign to help improve OpenGL support on Linux I ran survey to get some feedback from my backers. Here is the feedback and my responses. For those interested I've just started my follow up campaign to do some more work improving OpenGL support on Linux: Anyway here is the […]

Introduction to Mesa through example

Introduction to Mesa through example

The following is a work in progress introduction to the Mesa project. Feedback on how to improve this information, or what else to cover is appreciated. Introduction to Mesa through example by Timothy Arceri Last updated: 12 Feb 2016 Table of Contents Expected prior knowledge 2 What this guide is not 2 Introduction to the […]